eDiscovery Project Management

  • Integrated Communications

    Apply a simpler, more cohesive approach for your teams to communicate across eDiscovery work-product for enhanced collaboration.


  • Process Efficiency

    Optimize productivity and reduce risk by standardizing your eDiscovery workflow process in a centralized management system. 

  • Scope Management

    eDiscovery projects are highly transactional in terms of scope, deadlines and tasks so keeping a complete audit trail of the entire process is key.  

  • Corporate
  • Corporations are getting better at managing eDiscovery as a business process.  Implement processes...

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  • Law Firm
  • As more law firms develop proactive strategies for managing eDiscovery, it is essential that legal ...

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  • Service Provider
  • Manage customer’s expectations by establishing consistent workflow methodologies when working on ...

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    “IS-A-TASK has been up and running for months now and we are seeing tremendous efficiencies and organizational improvements. It was very intuitive to get going and yet it has the ability to manage and track the complex specs and workflows associated with E-Discovery projects. This business is unique and we needed an application to handle our internal needs as well as the needs of our customers. IS-A-TASK really is the right tool for E-Discovery Project Management.” said Michael Eck, Vice President of Operations, AlphaLit. 


     “The effort to install IS-A-TASK behind our firewall was handled with technical expertise and was a major success. Our team is excited to work with a product that offers the right amount of balance between tracking internal progress and allowing for tighter collaboration between the teams,” commented Chris Weiler, CEO of LDiscovery and Alphalit.


    “It was important to design a system that focuses on the core principles of quality, risk, and defensibility when managing legal case projects.  I am proud to see the success and growth of IS-A-TASK.  Our vision of bringing true transparency across the entire project management experience in an easy to use, simple, and cost effective solution is transforming the way legal case teams hover around the delivery process,” said Debra Rozier, Founder and CEO, Inovitech.