About Us


Who We Are

Inovitech is a solutions company based in the Washington, DC metro area, specializing in building cloud-computing business applications to support legal professionals.

Inovitech also provides consultancy services to corporations, government agencies, law firms, and service providers by helping improve business process, enhance workflow strategies, and refine or integrate technology solutions around legal case work. We strive to improve quality, minimize risk and provide defensibility into the solutions we offer.

Our Mission

Inovitech, established since 2011, provides eDiscovery professionals with the highest quality, easy to use, and best supported solutions possible. We have worked in close collaboration with eDiscovery professionals and industry veterans to build our first cutting edge cloud-computing software, called IS-A-TASK, patent pending process, to help ease the management of eDiscovery projects.

What We Offer

<> In order to truly improve the quality of your eDiscovery organization, processes and projects, we’ve adopted a multi-faceted strategy:

<> We work closely with industry professionals and listen to what they have to say.

<> An intellectual team who are able to grasp complex issues and provide sustainable solutions.

<> Develop solutions that truly solve a need in the market place.

<> Put usability first and establish a great end-user support system.

<> Invest time in researching industry trends and latest technology to keep current on best-of-breed solution offerings.

<> Recruit and partner with the absolute best and brightest technical staff.