Corporations are getting better at managing eDiscovery as a business process.  Implement processes and tools for proactive information governance that will make collecting and preserving your information easier and more efficient.


Maximize Control

As corporations increasingly become more strategic with information governance and data management, some phases of the eDiscovery process are managed internally instead of relying exclusively upon external law firms and service providers for support.  Implementing IS-A-TASK will not only support the flow of process internally, it will also help manage your external partnerships in a centralized and collaborative manner.  

Cost Containment

Whether handling the eDiscovery process internally or externally, corporations are ultimately looking for ways to minimize or control their costs at every angle.  Implementing project management strategies during the earliest stage of a case’s life-cycle can significantly reduce cost and increase savings.  Currently, project management activities are handled very differently across all organizations. IS-A-TASK was developed to help centralize the process by collecting project scope and acting as a hub for managing work and project deadlines.

Minimize Risk

The life-cycle of a case may span several years and the attempt to retrieve and compile historical information may prove cumbersome. This information is likely to be located in various document types, located in separate network file directories or embedded in many past and present employee email exchanges, and because of this, it may be difficult to prove defensibility or chain of custody methodologies.  Allow IS-A-TASK to help maintain all of your eDiscovery case project details in a centralized location to ensure the collection of project details are quickly obtainable regardless of employee turn-over or a shift in employee responsibility.