Law Firm


As more law firms develop proactive strategies for managing eDiscovery, it is essential that legal project managers have an established set of best-practice guidelines to help them organize and perform their daily activities when supporting their customers.



Since the core responsibility of a law firm is to protect the interests of their customers, traditionally they have been the conduit between developing case strategies and maintaining an external partnership with service providers to handle all efforts associated with processing eDiscovery.  Here and now, law firms are increasingly innovating strategic methods for managing eDiscovery internally to support and improve their case strategy.  IS-A-TASK can assist with this dynamic exchange of both traditional and forward-thinking strategies.  Law firms can manage both internal requests while pushing requests to their external teams for a consolidated and collaborative approach at handling cross matter management.



Each litigation matter that involves eDiscovery has its own rhythm in regards to its beginning and end and the workflow process in-between and it is challenging for attorneys and legal project managers to develop one process that fits all.  Not only do lawyers and legal project managers have to personally prepare for and expect a level of course correction at any stage in the case’s life-cycle, they also demand this flexibility from the integrated technologies that support their daily efforts.  IS-A-TASK was designed to allow for this flexibility and incorporates just the right amount of steps to manage eDiscovery case work.


With law firms increasingly managing multiple internal and external partnerships to assist with eDiscovery efforts, legal project managers have to constantly remain ahead of the demand for information.  Project statistics and project updates should be readily available when needed. IS-A-TASK can assist with this process by providing an environment that allows for real-time status updates and reporting across all phases of the eDiscovery process.  This information is stored in a secure cloud-computing environment that is accessible from any browser with an internet connection.