Service Provider


Manage customer’s expectations by establishing consistent workflow methodologies when working on eDiscovery projects across the entire EDRM reference module.  Create a transparent view of the process and enhance your customer’s experience to ensure a positive, long-lasting relationship.


Defining processes to help a corporation, government agency or law firm manage their eDiscovery requests is essential for sustainability and repeated business in today’s market.  As more competitors enter the market and with the nature of commoditization, incorporating tools and technologies that create more of a connection between you and your customer enhance the overall customer’s experience.  Why not implement a solution like IS-A-TASK that will give customers the ability to better understand how you plan to tackle and support their eDiscovery projects. 


Defining and documenting internal processes to support eDiscovery requests is an effective way to communicate to your customers that you are serious about wanting to  solve their problems.  Each service provider offers a set of unique services and processes spanning the EDRM reference module. This creates a unique challenge for technologists when trying to develop a solution that is nimble enough to adjust to each unique environment and not force each customer to conform to a solution that may not right for them.  Well, IS-A-TASK does just that.  The dynamic nature of IS-A-TASK offers a complete custom approach that can support any organization model.


Defining the scope of an eDiscovery project is the most critical aspect of a case to control risk, maintain cost, and predictability of project deadlines.  The increased penetration of eDiscovery production technology has created additional challenges for eDiscovery project managers.  Not only do they need to collect and manage the scope of a project, they also have to consult on best-practices on how data should be handled across the EDRM reference model.  Establishing an audit trail of how or why events took place is important when proving the results and managing levels of accountability.  Leveraging IS-A-TASK to assist with scope management increase your chance to defend your overall eDiscovery project workflow.