What Is IS-A-TASK?

IS-A-TASK, patent pending, is a dynamic workflow project management application developed to alleviate some of the bottlenecks that occur when managing eDiscovery projects that span across the entire EDRM reference model.  Since the eDiscovery management process is highly transactional in terms of scope and case needs, the goal was to create a system that incorporated the right amount of flexibility, ease of use, and features to support the overall process.  IS-A-TASK is not just another tool to add to the eDiscovery project manager’s tool box.  It was designed to consolidate several steps into one, so project managers can spend more time consulting with their customers, and less time performing menial tasks.

IS-A-TASK saves time and cost as a cloud-computing hosted solution:

<> Ease of use
<> Up and running in less than a day
<> Low-cost subscription license model
<> Behind firewall installation – optional
<> Microsoft SQL and SSRS Reporting integration
<> Active Directory (LDAP) integration
<> Email integration
<> Access with any browser, pc, tablet, or smart phone

IS-A-TASK centralizes the administration of managing eDiscovery projects:

<> Work across internal teams and external vendor relationships
<> Form designer to create custom task instruction and data delivery forms
<> Flexible team workflow and security modeling across office locations
<> Integrated pricing, billing, invoicing, and budgeting across office locations
<> Time, revenue, and unit metrics

IS-A-TASK offers a central portal to capture and manage eDiscovery project scope details: 

<> Build dynamic defensible project plans
<> Build complex project instruction forms
<> Manage case custodians and create custom interview forms
<> Manage incoming and outgoing productions with complete audit trail through final processing
<> Fast retrieval of project scope information
<> Media tracking with chain of custody

IS-A-TASK brings legal case teams together for tighter integration and greater transparency:

<> Centralize communication and reduce the use of email
<> Customize email alert templates
<> Chat amongst team members
<> Assign ToDos across teams
<> Be informed early in the project process
<> Update project details in real-time

IS-A-TASK Delivery Model

IS-A-TASK is delivered in an on-demand, cloud-computing environment. We have partnered with Amazon Web Services that offer a highly secure, complete set of infrastructure and application services that enable us to run virtually everything in the cloud. One of the key benefits of cloud computing is the opportunity to replace our up-front capital infrastructure expenses with low variable costs that scale with your business, and this has allowed us to pass along these cost savings onward to you.



IS-A-TASK can also be installed behind your firewall.